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Re: [Bug-wget] Wget Status Code 1024

From: Ángel González
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Wget Status Code 1024
Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 23:18:11 +0200
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Mohamed Elsayed wrote:
> After I had been downloading Youtube video, I found the video's size
> was not correct, then I checked on status code, but I found it equals
> 1024. I searched for it via Internet, but I found nothing. Do you
> think you could tell me about the meaning of 1024, please? Thanks in
> advance.

There's no such thing as an HTTP error code 1024.
I also find strange that you downloading a Youtube video from wget,
since they are quite long urls non-trivial to find out.
What command did you run? What was wget output?

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