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Re: [Bug-wget] wget 1.12 generates duplicated contents

From: Anh Ta
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] wget 1.12 generates duplicated contents
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 10:41:24 +0100

Hi Giuseppe,

The footer was only duplicated when I used recursive download option (- r). It was fine when I downloaded the single page. And yes, it happened every time I ran that command on version 1.12 (Version 1.11.4 was good).

I am sorry I forgot to attached the index.html file in the previous email. Here is the gzip file of the log file and the index.html file from the command: wget -r -l 1 -E -k -nv --wait=0.5 --random-wait -- debug -o download.log http://www.beds.ac.uk

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Thanks for your help and quick reply.


On 20 Jul 2011, at 09:50, Giuseppe Scrivano wrote:


I couldn't reproduce the problem here, I get the same content I get with
the browser.

Does it behave differently if you use a recursive download or if you
request a single page?  Does it happen everytime?

If you are able to reproduce it, can you please post the output you get
running wget with --debug, otherwise please attach the content of


Anh Ta <address@hidden> writes:


I ran the following command with wget 1.12:

wget -r -l 1 -E -k -nv --wait=0.5 --random-wait http://www.beds.ac.uk

The downloaded file www.beds.ac.uk/index.html (zip file attached )
contained duplicated footer. When I ran with greater depth level,
e.g. -l 15 and -p option, there were more pages with duplicated

The problem disappeared when I ran the same command with wget 1.11.4
. However, I need version 1.12 to have links in CSS downloaded and

Could someone please help or give me some advices?

Many Thanks,

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