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[Bug-wget] Bug in WGET?

From: Patrick Steil
Subject: [Bug-wget] Bug in WGET?
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 16:24:41 -0500


I am fairly new to WGET, but I think I found a bug or at least something I
wish work a certain way... :)

If I run this command:

wget www.domain.org/news?page=1 options= -r --no-clobber --html-extension
--convert-links -np --include-directories=news

What I would like this to do would be to

start with this URL:


read the contents, follow all the links inside that page and attempt to
download all pages UNLESS it then sees the file already exists, and then do
a true "no clobber" and don't save the file.

Here is what it does today:

1.  When --html-extension is turned on, the --noclobber is not changing the
name of the downloaded files, but it DOES rewrite the file as the date/time
stamp changes every time I run the above command.

2.  If I turn off --html-extension, then as soon as WGET sees that the first
file has already been downloaded it stops and does not continue to
spider/download any further pages.

Are these bugs?



*Patrick Steil *


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