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[Bug-wget] problem with --continue and already completed ftp downloads

From: Eike Kohnert
Subject: [Bug-wget] problem with --continue and already completed ftp downloads
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 13:58:49 +0100
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Hi all,

i use wget to download a complete directory from a ftp server and want to download new files every day.

I use a command like

wget --continue ftp://someserver/somedirectory/*.ZIP

It seems like wget tries to resume files, even if they are already finished. I sniffed the generated network traffic and found something like this:

213 872953
227 Entering Passive Mode (....).
REST 872953
504 Reply marker must be 0.

I think wget should not do the REST command because the retrieved size equals the size of the already downloaded file. So the resuming download would download only the remaining 0 bytes which does not make much sense. On servers which do not support resume this will cause the whole file being downloaded again.

I used wget version 1.12

Best regards

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