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[Bug-wget] [GSoC-2012] Some questions about wget idea

From: Boris Bobrov
Subject: [Bug-wget] [GSoC-2012] Some questions about wget idea
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 23:50:52 +0500
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В сообщении от Sunday 18 of March 2012 03:15:01 Micah написал:
> On 03/17/2012 09:45 AM, Boris Bobrov wrote:
I've noticed the task with adding concurrency to wget and was really
happy to see that wget will soon get that feature - I needed it a lot
some time ago.

I would also like to implement that feature. But I've got some question 
1. Do you require knowledge of wget's internals by the time of
application submission?
2. I have some (theoretical and a bit of practical) knowledge in working
with concurrency (including C), but have zero experience in working with big 
programs in C (but have some python experience). Though I've hacked proftpd 
once to confirm there a bug once and think that my C code is not that bad.

So, should I try sending an application or experience is a "must have"?

> Thanks for your interest in applying for this, Boris!
> Individual project proposals are really best handled on the mailing
> lists or forums dedicated to that project. In this case, the appropriate
> list would be address@hidden, which I've included in the distribution.
> Further messages in this thread should leave address@hidden out.
> It will probably greatly help your messages getting to address@hidden
> if you take the time to subscribe to that list (if you aren't already),
> which you can get information about at
> https://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/bug-wget/
> -mjc


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