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[Bug-wget] Bug on latest wget (1.3.14)

From: Alejandro Supu
Subject: [Bug-wget] Bug on latest wget (1.3.14)
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 00:47:16 +0200


I have found a bug on the latest version of the http client, wget 1.3.14

This is how to reproduce it:

If we save the page: 
with the following parameters: wget -k -p 

On the saved "main.css" file 
(\accionistaseinversores.bbva.com\TLBB\fbinir\css), there are files that point 
to the remote files instead of the saved ones! For example, on line 57, 68 and 
79, it points to 
 instead of ../mult/stagsans-book-webfont.eot and this file was saved to 
local... There are other files with the same behaviour.

If you search the string "http" within the CSS file, you will find all the 
pointed files to remote instead of the local SAVED ones.

Please, tell me anything related to this bug or when it will be corrected.


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