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[Bug-wget] Some potential memory leaks in wget-1.3

From: Zhenbo Xu
Subject: [Bug-wget] Some potential memory leaks in wget-1.3
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 16:36:07 +0800

Hi, wget,
I have applied a memory leak detection tool
Melton<http://lcs.ios.ac.cn/~xuzb/melton.html> to
find memory leaks in wget-1.3.
Some potential bugs were found, and I check them manually as the real bugs.
Here is the index url of thes bugs:

Or you can download it from the following url:

Hope for your replies.

Some explanations are given below:

*Bug No. 7 and No. 8:*
a heap object is allocated to respline at :
8030 err = ftp_response (csock,
and it's not freed at
8043 return FTPINVPASV;

*Bug No. 9 ~ No. 16:*
As function fd_read_line(..) returns a heap object and there is not any
free statement in programs, memory leaks may occur.

*Bug No. 17:*
req = request_new
req is not freed along the annotated path.

*Bug No. 20:*
There are two kinds of bugs in this report.
The first one:
at function setval_internal_tilde,
8278 home = home_dir

home should be released at the end of this function.

The second one:
before the following assignment
*pstring = concat_strings (home, "/", val, (char *)0);
As pstring = commands[comind].place, Should we free commands[comind].place
at first to avoid the reassignment?
Zhenbo Xu

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