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[Bug-wget] Feature question ...

From: Garry
Subject: [Bug-wget] Feature question ...
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 11:45:20 +0200
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not exactly a bug question/report, but something I was trying to get
done with wget but have either overlooked in the docs, misread or it's
not plain not possible at the moment ...

I'm trying to mirror a full web page, but with some restrictions ... I
need a single page (either the full path, or - if it's the main page in
a directory - just that index page) to be downloaded, with all contained
media (at least images, css, js-includes etc.), even if that media/files
are not stored on that server. As I need the information for archival
purposes, I do not want a full tree of directories rebuilt, as wget
would normally do. All the files should be downloaded and stored in some
unique file names in the same directory as the page file, and of course
the html page should be re-coded as to use the relative path to those
renamed files.

Can this be done with wget? Or if not, is there a different program
(Linux) that will do this?

Tnx, Garry

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