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[Bug-wget] Downloading from us.ua hoster

From: ptrk mj
Subject: [Bug-wget] Downloading from us.ua hoster
Date: Wed, 2 May 2012 15:36:53 +0200

Greeting everyone,

I would like to download a file linked from http://us.ua/792900/ page.
The url rests inside <form> element:

<form action="http://u4-4.us.ua/download/"; method="post" id="fDownload">
   <input type="hidden" name="server" value="">
   <input type="hidden" name="file" value="792900">
   <input type="submit" id="sdButton" value="Скачать">

To retrieve it I could use:
wget --post-data=file=792900 http://u4-4.us.ua/download/

and it works but is troublesome because it requires a manual search
inside page source for a <form> element and it's contents. Isn't it
possible to call wget like this:

wget {options}... http://us.ua/792900/

and make it do the search for me?

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