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[Bug-wget] wget -R * inconsistent

From: Pierre Fortin
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget -R * inconsistent
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 17:18:25 -0400


Trying to use wget to retrieve just .listing files...  if my local
directory is empty, wget honors "-R *"; but when previous directory
structure matching remote (where only .listing files) exists, wget ignores
the reject directive.

If I try to issue multiple wgets like this on an empty local directory:
  wget -R * -r --no-remove-listing ftp://remote.site/path1
  wget -R * -r --no-remove-listing ftp://remote.site/path2
wget gets only the .listing files on the first one; but tries to download
everything on the second use...

Is there a preferred/recommended way to simply update the .listing files
without downloading any files, and regardless of whether local files
exist or not?


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