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Re: [Bug-wget] Early stop using wget with POST form data

From: Tim Ruehsen
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Early stop using wget with POST form data
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 10:03:56 +0200
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Hi Quirin,

Am Friday 01 June 2012 schrieb Quirin Scheitle:
> Hi,
> I am trying to automate usage of the page [1] for a research project .
> Analysis with wireshark shows that when using any light-weight agent
> (wget, curl, libwww-perl), the server will not send a sixth tcp fragment
> containing the last and relevant part of the page. When using Firefox or
> Safari, it will. I emulated all HTTP-Headers and other things that might
> trigger defense mechanisms. Maybe one of you guys with deeper HTTP
> knowledge can figure this out.
> I sent the relevant POST data using the following command:
> wget http://irr.bboi.net/cgi-bin/lg.cgi 
> --post-data="router=AMS&pass1=&query=7&arg="
> I have verified this issue from a different machine in a different subnet
> (Wget 1.13.4). My local version is wget 1.12.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kind Regards
> Quirin Scheitle
> [1] http://irr.bboi.net/cgi-bin/lg.cgi

I am not shure what you really expect, but the answer from the CGI is the same 
in Firefox as in wget (version 1.3.14). At least with your arguments.

The transfered HTTP response is simply incomplete. The last line is
Executing command = traceroute timeout 1 probe 1 source l0

I guess the CGI is buggy... at least it has nothing to do with wget at all.

Regards, Tim

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