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Re: [Bug-wget] How to Use WGET in Windows

From: David H. Lipman
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] How to Use WGET in Windows
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 10:51:29 -0400

From: "MIKE MCDANIEL" <address@hidden>

There is an article posted on eHow which is very helpful for beginners like me. The title of the article is "How to Use WGET in Windows." Although helpful, I need some clarification regarding the article's instructions listed below. I use Windows-7.

Step #5 says, "The path command should return a result
similar to "c:\Windows\system32;c:\Windows." Then, step #6 seems to indicate that I
should use one or the other of them (not both)...is that correct?
Also, the path-command returns a result for me that contains the exact
forementioned results, but ALSO returns at least 15 additional results! So what do I

1.  Download and extract the Wget for Windows software from
2.  Click on "All Programs" in the Windows Start menu.
3.  Click the "Accessories" option.
4.  Click on the "Command Prompt" option to open a command prompt
5.  Type "path" (without quotes) at the command prompt to
ascertain the directory in which you should place the "Wget.exe" file
so it will run with a single command. The path command should return a result
similar to  "c:\Windows\system32;
6.  Copy the extracted "wget.exe" file to the
"Windows\system32" or "Windows" directory.  The destination
folder must be on the path command from Step 5.
7.  Type "wget -h" at the command prompt
to make sure the application can be executed.
8.  Type "wget -r
http://site-to-download.com"; at the command prompt to download the entire
contents of the designated website.  Replace "site-to-download.com"
with the URL of the website that you want to download.

The objective is to have WGET and dependent DLL files in the path. I prefer %WINDIR\% [ c:\windows ]

Thus if you write a script that uses WGET or open a command prompt and manually use it, it will implicitly be executed.

I also suggest using a WGETRC file which holds executable defaults.

I use C:\wgetrc.txt

and use the environmental variable; wgetrc  point to;  C:\wgetrc.txt
[ wgetrc=C:\wgetrc.txt ]

I also suggest reading the WGET Help file so you can get acquanted with all the switch parameters, syntax and use of the WGETRC file.

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