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Re: [Bug-wget] How to Use WGET in Windows

From: David H. Lipman
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] How to Use WGET in Windows
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 20:22:45 -0400

From: "MIKE MCDANIEL" <address@hidden>

Thanks so much for ALL the responses. I've taken Angel's advice & created a new folder
entitled "Progs"
Yet, I don't know where to put it, as I have the following 3 folders in my C-drive: "Progs" "My Web Sites" and "Program Files (x86)" The first 2 of these 3 folders are empty, and the 3rd one contains my "GnuWin32" file. (I very recently downloaded GnuWin32 sed 4.2.1 but have not yet successfuly used it.) I might also need some information as to HOW to put the
folder where I need it.

Note: Since you have chosen to put it in a private folder you have to put that private folder in the PATH such that you can perform and implicit execution. That's why I gave you instructions on how to add the folder to the path. Otherwise you would have to perform an explicit execution of; C:\Progs\wget.exe

This would not have been the case if you had chosen a folder such as C:\windows [ %WINDIR% ] to save the files in which is already in the PATH.

You still need to aquaint yourself with how to use it and all its switch parameters and the WGETRC default settings file.

Executing;  wget --help
will display all the switch parameters.
Executing;  wget --help  >c:\wget_help.txt
will create the file c:\wget_help.txt which will contain all that information.

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