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[Bug-wget] downloading wget on Windows-7; 64-bit operating system

Subject: [Bug-wget] downloading wget on Windows-7; 64-bit operating system
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 17:12:53 -0700 (PDT)

Yesterday I went to sourceforge.net/projects/getgnuwin32/  and dowloaded the 

"Downlaod GetGnuWin32-0.6.3.exe"   The download was described as an "automated 
gnuwin32 dowload tool (an automatic download and installation of the newest 
binary and documentation gnuwin32 packages)." 

I followed all the directions and performed the available updates, and 
everything went well.  Yet, I have a stupid question:  Is there an easy way to 
tell whether the wget tool itself has been downloaded (and wget.exe is ready to 
be employed)....or do I have to download something else in order for it to be 
available for use?   (Unfortunately, when I try to access the downloaded help 
folders, a note says they can't be read in my Windows version.)

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