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[Bug-wget] Big refactoring

From: illusionoflife
Subject: [Bug-wget] Big refactoring
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2012 19:12:58 +0400
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Hello, Free Hackers!

I fed wget source to GNU complexity and It suggested me to look at 
parse_netrc. So I came with some ideas -- they are not so fast to implement, 
so I want to discuss them, to not waste work.

So, first of all, parse_netrc is huge. >200 lines. Well-commented, but still 
huge. And have strange standalone application in source. So I have idea to 
make some sort of api -- move routines of parsing netrc to `libwget'. I am not 
very familiar with code, but I think it will be good for Wget because:
     * Less code duplicate
     * Need to upkeep external api force betted code structure

Also, I propose folloing idea -- move all utility functions to another 
library, internal one. Why? Because, for example 
while (*p  && isspace(*p))
is less readable, then `p = string_skip_while(p,isspace)`.
Also, I have idea of using list.h and analog for single linked version. Why? 
Just again, because of code duplicate.
Many algorithms, implemented in parse_netrc, should be moved to separated 
function, like reverse_list. But this function is way more generic, then `void 
(*)(acc_t *)`. Also, we can more actively use gl_list, but I find kernel 
solution way more elegant.

I really want to contribute to Wget, but I am afraid that such radical changes 
will not be accepted with

Best regards, illusionoflife
Contact me on address@hidden
Please, read rfc1855, if did not already.       

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