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Re: [Bug-wget] GNU wget 1.14 released

From: Alex
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] GNU wget 1.14 released
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2012 18:42:38 +0200
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Greetings, Ray Satiro.
Thanks for the quick reply.

That's fatal. You shouldn't see 'ioctl() failed. The socket could not be set as blocking.'. I don't see that on Vista x86. Which version of Windows are you using?

I understood... But can't find what is wrong.
I tried compiled by me version on sites http://test.webdav.org/ (wget
http://test.webdav.org/auth-basic/ --user=user1 --password=user1)and
http://browserspy.dk/password.php (wget
http://browserspy.dk/password-ok.php --user=test --password=test) . And
there is no error...

Also i check with "./configure --without-ssl --disable-iri --disable-nls
&& make && make check" in Vista SP1 x86 and WinXP SP3 x86 on official
1.14, old version (r2575 est. November 2011) and from current git repo on
both freshly installed current version Mingw and Mingw from 18.11.2011.
Every time i get error. Looks like something wrong with my system, because
r2575 previosly was builded without errors.

Thanks for logs. Looks like problem appeared when trying to re-use
existing socket only during tests.

I'm understood nothing...

Can You please check, is my version work with auth-basic? In internet and
in test (may be copy it in src/ and run 'make check')?

Either you link to the DLLs or you end up with a bigger executable.

Please take look at https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27457022/wget.exe . It's
static linked wget 1.13.4, with ssl and iri but only 500 Kb size. Don't
know who build it and how...

I didn't have a problem linking to openssl. I used to but there were changes made a while back to fix linking to openssl on mingw. Maybe it's your configuration? I'm using openssl 1.0.x libs in c:\mingw\lib and includes in c:\mingw\include\openssl. All I do is specify --with-ssl=openssl.

I find this more than half-year ago. Sorry, badly remember. Something like
if openssl connected via "-lssl" (as default) then must be LIBS="$LIBS
$LIBSSL", else - LIBS="$LIBSSL $LIBS". But from some time "$LIBSSL" in any
case contain "-lz" so it forced to "$LIBS $LIBSSL" as contained " -l".  Or
so one. 90% that this is has mean only for static linked version (and,
sure, i use static version of openssl). And sorry, look like i do mistype
in prev. post. Must be '*" -l"*) LIBS="$LIBSSL $LIBS".

test_dir_matches_p has failed for a long long time. There is a thread here about the problems with fnmatch:
Thanks, I read it.

Best regars, Alex Bykov

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