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[Bug-wget] Wget MinGW/MSYS build issues

From: Alex
Subject: [Bug-wget] Wget MinGW/MSYS build issues
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 02:30:43 +0200
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1. Wget builded from Git 3be7e0 (as and official 1.14),
compiled on MinGW doesn't work properly with WARC.
wget --warc-file=1 www.google.com
Return error "Could not open temporary WARC manifest file."
Problem in warc_tempfile function with strings
          if (unlink (filename) < 0)
            return NULL;
In MinGW unlink() tries to remove file immediately and cause error if it
still open ( by mkstemp()). In *nix unlink() mark file to be removed after
last handle to the file is closed.
Find function, that must work as *nix unlink() in Win32 Kernel32.dll -
"DeleteFile()", but it does not remove WARC temporary files.
It is possible to do something with it? (Now just comment unlink())

2. Test with "-N-" (test-N-HTTP-Content-disposition test-N-current
test-N-smaller test-N-no-content-disposition
test-N-no-content-disposition-trivial test-N-old test-N) failed, if in
system settings enabled "Daylight saving time automatic clock shift".
(Think, that have matter only for tests)

3. Sometimes tests test-auth-basic, test-auth-with-content-disposition ,
test-proxy-auth-basic cause crash "ioctl() failed. This socket cannot be
set as blocking". But only time to time. When try to debug it crash at
"fd_close (sock);" string 371 of connect.c (fd=3). Just before it
connect_with_timeout() function failed with WinSockError 10061. If it
passed, it can recieve random error like "Connection reset by peer" or
"Software caused connections abort" and crash at invalidate_persistent().
It is caused by system, by test suite or by Wget? It is possible to do
something with it? (Never see this error in life, only in tests)

2 and 3 issues already was mentioned there in thread "Wget 1.13.4 test
suite on Windows/MinGW"

PS. Sorry for bad English.
Best regars, Alex

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