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[Bug-wget] imperfect messages in alpha release

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Bug-wget] imperfect messages in alpha release
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2013 12:09:56 +0200


The 1.14.128 alpha release that was announced to the translators
contains a few messages that have some defects. 

One is that the string:
"Cookie coming from %s attempted to set domain to %s"
was changed to:
"Cookie coming from %s attempted to set domain to "
This is not good, as some languages may require the domain
name _not to be at the end.  In general messages should be
complete sentences, with all subjects and objects included.
Attached patch fixes this.

In the help text, the option --metalink-file lacks a FILE argument,
and the options --retries and --jobs lack a NUMBER argument.  I
would make a patch for this too, but the relevant code is not in git??

The phrase:  "Username and password information not needed to                   
 be specified
when downloading from a metalink." contains too many spaces, and would be
better worded as: "...information do not need to be specified...".
Also this code I cannnot find in git, otherwiose I'd make a patch.



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