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[Bug-wget] wget file name too long error

From: Yiwei Yang
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget file name too long error
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 13:23:40 -0500

   I want to save everything I downloaded from wget. However, When I use
wget -p -H <url> where <url> can be some extremely long link like


Since the URL is too long I get file name too long error when I save it. If
I use -O ?? to specify the file name it still won't work since -p will
fetch everything(several objects) that support the website so the first
object fetched is saved as this   ?? but then the second fetched object
will also be saved as ??  and now since " aa already exists" then it won't
store this second object.

So the problem is I can't use differnt file name for them to store, since
they are all fetched from one single wget -p URL execution.

   How can I solve all the objects even if the URL is very long and I don't
want to change the URL itself? Thank you!


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