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Re: [Bug-wget] New option "--no-list-a"

From: Ángel González
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] New option "--no-list-a"
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 20:53:37 +0200
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On 30/08/13 18:03, Andrea Urbani wrote:
Hello Ángel,

I wrote "some systems" because in the sources is written:

  /* 2008-01-29  SMS.  For a VMS FTP server, where "LIST -a" may not
     fail, but will never do what is desired here, skip directly to the
     simple "LIST" command (assumed to be the last one in the list).

so the problem with the "LIST -a" is at more systems than just info-zip.org.

About to try "LIST -a" and, if you get an empty list, to try a "LIST" is good for me, thinking, in particular, to end users that just ask for the download of a file and they are expecting to have it, without to try again with a new parameter to let this download work.

However, about storing download parameters according to the destination address I think this is no necessary.
I didn't mean to store it in disk, just that if it discovers that LIST -a doesn't work, don't try LIST -a on each folder (which can be quite a lot on a recursive fetch), but just do LIST directly.

I am new here and so I don't know how the things go.
For me (my use of wget) the new parameter is fine and works well, but for the public? Have I to send another patch with "LIST in case of empty LIST -a"? Or will anybody else do it? Or have we to reach a common solution to the problem? Or have we to wait for the maintainer choice?

Please, let me know

Thank you
Well, I encourage you to send another patch for the "LIST in case of empty LIST -a" but anybody else could do it if he wished. It's usually better to agree on the solution to the problem before coding (as that may be wasted effort), but if I convinced you that it is a better idea, I would go with it. The final decision will come from the maintainer, of course.

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