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Re: [Bug-wget] .m3u8 url playing with .bat file wget and vlc player

From: Random Coder
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] .m3u8 url playing with .bat file wget and vlc player
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2013 19:25:17 -0700

m3u8 files are manifests that contain the location to the media files
themselves.  These can be relative URLs or absolute URLs.  Since wget has
no built in support for m3u8 files, if the file you're attempting to
download contains relative URLs, it will fail to play when you attempt to
load it locally since VLC will attempt to find the media files on your
local system.

It's also possible that the server in question is using cookies to maintain
session information.  Those cookies wouldn't make it as far as VLC after
you download the base manifest.

Short of parsing the m3u8 file with a script (and potentially handling the
cookies as well), I don't think there's much you can do to download the

On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 5:56 PM, c-line <address@hidden> wrote:

> hello genius,
> i need your help
> I would like to play this .m3u8 stream with a .bat file + wget + VLC Player
> http://live.netd.com.tr/S1/**HLS_LIVE/kanald/3500/prog_**index.m3u8?key=**
> 89fea4179667d19b4282d0cf8ace48**72&live=true<http://live.netd.com.tr/S1/HLS_LIVE/kanald/3500/prog_index.m3u8?key=89fea4179667d19b4282d0cf8ace4872&live=true>
> Here are the ingredients:.
> 1.wget.exe file located in the folder
> 2.in the same folder i created a .bat file
> 3.in the bat file i wrote this information
> wget -O - "http://live.netd.com.tr/S1/**HLS_LIVE/kanald/3500/prog_**
> index.m3u8?key=**89fea4179667d19b4282d0cf8ace48**72&live=true<http://live.netd.com.tr/S1/HLS_LIVE/kanald/3500/prog_index.m3u8?key=89fea4179667d19b4282d0cf8ace4872&live=true>"
> | c:\progra~1\videolan\vlc\vlc -
> but unfortunately i get error message after start???
> But when i enter the .m3u8 url directly under VLCit works fine!!!
> can wgetnot accept that, or am i doing something wrong?
> I am waiting for a positive message and thank you in advance
> bye
> Ayhan

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