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[Bug-wget] Fw: LIST changes

From: Andrea Urbani
Subject: [Bug-wget] Fw: LIST changes
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 01:03:33 -0400

I have forgotten to write that in my changes there is a situation not handled: 
if the FTP server recognises "LIST -a" as "give me the -a file" and a 
file/folder named "-a" exists, the program thinks that "LIST -a" works and this 
will become the standard LIST command.
To fix also this situation, I have, the first time, to try LIST also when "LIST 
-a" returns data and to compare the amount of data. If LIST returns more data 
than "LIST -a", LIST has to be used.
I will do also this, if you agree, and I hope really in few days this time... 
:) I think Thursday.

----- Original Message -----
From: Andrea Urbani
Sent: 10/12/13 06:12 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: LIST changes

Hi, sorry for the delay...
Well, attached the patch with:
a) Why "LIST -a" is used (to show also hidden files [forget my CNC explanation: 
it seems I was wrong...])
b) Use of LIST when "LIST -a" fails or returns an empty content
c) Memory of the right LIST command to use (if I find "LIST -a" works, I 
continue to use it, if I find LIST works, I use only it)
Please, take a look at my work + notes and let me know if they are enough clear 
or not.
In my opinion a brief note to Mauro Tortonesi should be sent to inform him 
about this workaround (he was the developer that inserted "LIST -a")
I have seen there are new FTP commands in RFC 3659 to get the directory 
content... may be in the future we will try them before to use LIST.


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