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[Bug-wget] Some possible Inconsistencies in WGET 1.15

From: Halliday, Andrew
Subject: [Bug-wget] Some possible Inconsistencies in WGET 1.15
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 03:10:27 +0000


I've recently undertaken an exercise to map the command line switches of WGET 
1.15 alongside the commands available in the config file I specify with 
--config=FILE.  See attached file for detail.

In doing this, I've noticed that some command line switches don't have matching 
commands for the file:
-a,  --append-output=FILE  append messages to FILE.
--report-speed=TYPE   Output bandwidth as TYPE.  TYPE can be bits.
--unlink                  remove file before clobber.
--method=HTTPMethod     use method "HTTPMethod" in the header.
--body-data=STRING      Send STRING as data. --method MUST be set.
--body-file=FILE        Send contents of FILE. --method MUST be set.
--content-on-error      output the received content on server errors.
--https-only             only follow secure HTTPS links
--preserve-permissions  preserve remote file permissions.
--accept-regex=REGEX        regex matching accepted URLs.
--reject-regex=REGEX        regex matching rejected URLs.
--regex-type=TYPE           regex type (posix).
--warc-file=FILENAME      save request/response data to a .warc.gz file.
--warc-header=STRING      insert STRING into the warcinfo record.
--warc-max-size=NUMBER    set maximum size of WARC files to NUMBER.
--warc-cdx                write CDX index files.
--warc-dedup=FILENAME     do not store records listed in this CDX file.
--no-warc-compression     do not compress WARC files with GZIP.
--no-warc-digests         do not calculate SHA1 digests.
--no-warc-keep-log        do not store the log file in a WARC record.
--warc-tempdir=DIRECTORY  location for temporary files created by the WARC 

I've also noticed that there are also some commands which are not available as 
switches in the command line:
#dot_bytes = n
#dot_spacing = n
#dots_in_line = n
#netrc = on/off
#robots = on/off
#show_all_dns_entries = on/off

Just thought I might assist with some of those apparent inconsistencies 

In particular, it would be nice to be able to:

*         Ignore robots as a command line switch

*         Apply regex to URLs in the command file

Hope this helps!

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