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[Bug-wget] Remove set_windows_fd_as_blocking_socket()?

From: Gisle Vanem
Subject: [Bug-wget] Remove set_windows_fd_as_blocking_socket()?
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2014 22:48:02 +0200

A little study of why calling the function 'set_windows_fd_as_blocking_socket()' is needed, reveals that on downloading a big file (400MByte using ftp), the Winsock functions 'WSASetLastError()' and 'WSAGetLastError()' are called approx. 277.000 times!! IMHO this is a terrible waste of CPU-time.

So I read a bit from the Gnulib bug-reports from 2011 on this:

(the URL in mswindows.c seems a dead link).
My test with disabling this function all together showed no ill effect.

I failed to find a Gnulib reference/changelog where this bug was fixed (after 2011), but reading some sources failed to find any place where a network-socket is set to blocking in Gnulib's select() or poll().
Hence I request that the call to 'set_windows_fd_as_blocking_socket()'
should be removed.

BTW. the actual call to Winsock's ioctlsocket() is performed by some hairy FD-hook stuff inside Gnulib if anybody wants to verify it.


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