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[Bug-wget] base64_encode

From: Reuben Hawkins
Subject: [Bug-wget] base64_encode
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 18:47:39 -0700

When compiling wget, and linking to gnutls statically, there's a linker

It seems both gnutls and wget define base64_encode....

<snip>/lib/libgnutls.a(base64.o): In function `base64_encode':

<snip>/gnutls-3.1.5/gl/base64.c:67: multiple definition of `base64_encode'

utils.o:utils.c:(.text+0x3360): first defined here

Seems like the right thing to do is check for base64_encode in the
configure script and only define it in utils.c if it's not already

Should I submit a patch?

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