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[Bug-wget] some remarks about the changed help text

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Bug-wget] some remarks about the changed help text
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2014 22:15:42 +0100


Last May all the strings in the help text (wget --help) were modified
and thus *all* of the translations have been invalidated.  (And no new
release nor POT file was announced to the TP.)  Would it be an option
to undo those whitespace changes and thus automatically recover all of
those translations?

If not, then please apply some of the upcoming patches.  The first one
makes all option descriptions start with a lowercase letter, like most
of them already do.  And it spell URL consistently in all uppercase.

The second patch removes all of the full stops at the end of the option
descriptions.  When a string of words does not start with a capital and
is not a complete sentence, it should not end with a period.

The third patch changes the unrecommended backtick to a simple
single quote sign.  (Just in the help text; it should really be done
in all strings.)

When the plural of URL is URLs, then the plural of CA would have
to be CAs, not CA's, because the latter is a possessive.  The fourth
patch corrects this.

The fifth patch indents the continuation lines of long descriptions
with two spaces, like most other programs do too.  By the way, the
whitespace change in May simply added four spaces everywhere in the
help text, but it did not rewrap the long lines.  Shouldn't that be
done too, to make all lines fit again in 80 columns?

Oh, there is an #ifdef __VMS around the "-K,  --backup-converted",
but for my life I cannot see a difference between the then and the

When things have settled down, please announce a new release
to the TP too.



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