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[Bug-wget] possible bug? pathconf: Not a directory

From: Ed Summers
Subject: [Bug-wget] possible bug? pathconf: Not a directory
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015 12:23:38 -0400

Hi all,

While using wget to mirror and warc a website I noticed a bunch of errors like 
this in my log:

pathconf: Not a directory

I narrowed it down to a particular request for a set of resources, e.g.:


which have page requisites like:


It seems that the fetch for the HTML creates a file at:


But then the fetch for the image is failing because that path is already  file 
and not a directory, so there is nowhere to save the jpg?

Here’s a command you can use to see for replicating the error:

wget --page-requisites 

At first I didn’t mind because I actually can make do with just the WARC file. 
But it seems that the representation is not written to the WARC after 
encountering the write error.

Is this a known bug, or perhaps I’ve overlooked a wget option that will help 

Thanks for any assistance you can provide. And since this is my first time 
writing to bug-wget, thanks for an incredibly useful tool!


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