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Re: [Bug-wget] Metalink support

From: Tim Rühsen
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Metalink support
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2015 23:21:45 +0200
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Am Freitag, 3. Juli 2015, 20:23:00 schrieb Hubert Tarasiuk:
> W dniu 03.07.2015 o 17:12, Tim Ruehsen pisze:
> > To copy GPGME m4 macro, I have to install libgpgme11-dev. And if I do
> > that, a ./bootstrap (maybe just a configure) does the job for me.
> Actually I meant copying over the m4 GPGME macro and adding it to Wget's
> repository, so that it would be available straight after cloning (I have
> seen some projects including gpgme.m4 in their repositories to resolve
> the problem).
> Or maybe we could provide some kind of wrapper that would call the
> proper GPGME macro if it is defined elsewhere, and otherwise do nothing.
> (Not sure how to do that though.)

Let me take a closer look at that in the next days.

> > I tried
> > $ wget http://www.metalinker.org/samples/dsl-3.3.iso.metalink
> > which I understand as a download link to dsl-3.3.iso.
> > 
> > That only downloads the .metalink file and that's it !?
> > I expected Wget to download dsl-3.3.iso (of course first the .metalink
> > file as intermediate file, which is needed for mirror information).
> > I am aware of --input-metalink, but would like to see a bit more of
> > automation in the above example.
> I kind of agree with that. But we should probably not change the default
> behaviour of previous versions. How about this:

What is 'previous versions' ? If you are talking about the wget-parallel 
branch, it never became an official release. So there is no 'default' 
behaviour defined as such that we have to take care for.

> $ wget
> --input-metalink=http://www.metalinker.org/samples/dsl-3.3.iso.metalink
> Would that work for you? (Allowing to provide an URL instead of local
> file to the input-metalink option.)

Of course it works for me, but we are not talking about me :-)

The main question is: what does the typical wget user expect ?
I would thinks (s)he expects the download of the file described by the 
.metalink file. Of course a few users really want to have only the .metalink 
file (for testing/inspection). So there should be a possibility to do exactly 
that (e.g. --keep-metalink).

Before making any decision/action we should wait for some other voices.

> > WDYT ?
> > 
> > Regards, Tim

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