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Re: [Bug-wget] OT: About donwload file from nitroflare

From: Ángel González
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] OT: About donwload file from nitroflare
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2015 02:12:51 +0200
User-agent: Thunderbird

On 02/07/15 09:36, Carlos Cardenas escribió:
Hi friends

I want to try download some files from nitroflare,
I don't know what nitroflare is.

i made some test but its not possible,
{{reference needed}}

i have a count and made a code with python an use wget with
-u -p parameters but always nitroflare reject my connect.
I guess you mean:

but the website is probably not supporting HTTP authentication.

You will need to perform a post with user & password, and store the cookie.

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