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[Bug-wget] libtlssep and wget

From: W. Michael Petullo
Subject: [Bug-wget] libtlssep and wget
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 22:31:20 -0400
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Wget developers,

I am writing to share some work we did to port wget to a new TLS
library: libtlssep. Libtlssep has two aims: (1) to provide a simpler
API to application developers and (2) to encourage the decomposition of
applications into at least two processes, one of which isolates access
to secret cryptographic keys.

Georgiev et al., Fahl et al., and other researchers have shown that
application developers often misuse existing APIs [e.g., 1, 2].  This work
informs aim (1).

Aim (2) attempts to bring the privilege separation work of Provos et
al. [3] to the domain of TLS in an easy-to-use way.

The current implementation of libtlssep sits between an application
and OpenSSL. We found it quite easy to port wget to libtlssep for a
research prototype, and we would like to share this work with you.

If you are interested in libtlssep, you can find our early wget patch at:


the libtlssep research prototype at:

        The libtlssep website.

and more information about libtlssep at:

        A paper in submission with SPACE 2015 that includes a description
        of libtlssep along with performance measurements and other

Thank you,


[1] Georgiev et al.: The most dangerous code in the world: validating
SSL certificates in non-browser software. CCS (2012)

[2] Fahl et al.: Why Eve and Mallory love Android: an analysis of Android
SSL (in)security. CCS (2012)

[3] Provos et al.: Preventing privilege escalation. USENIX Security (2003)

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