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[Bug-wget] [PATCH] Trivial changes in HSTS

From: Juaristi Álamos , Ander
Subject: [Bug-wget] [PATCH] Trivial changes in HSTS
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2016 14:31:17 +0000

Hi all,

Here are some patches for HSTS.

 - 0001: checks the HSTS database file is not world-writable, and
refuses to read it if it is, and disables HSTS. This was in my original
GSoC proposal, but did not get through in the end.
 - 0002: Correct the comments in the top of the HSTS file.
 - 0003: strictly comply with RFC 6797 (see commit description).

 - AJ

Attachment: 0001-Check-the-HSTS-file-is-not-world-writable.patch
Description: 0001-Check-the-HSTS-file-is-not-world-writable.patch

Attachment: 0002-Correct-HSTS-database-file-description.patch
Description: 0002-Correct-HSTS-database-file-description.patch

Attachment: 0003-Strictly-comply-with-RFC-6797.patch
Description: 0003-Strictly-comply-with-RFC-6797.patch

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