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Re: [Bug-wget] wget IRI test failures on Mac OS X

From: Tim Ruehsen
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] wget IRI test failures on Mac OS X
Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 17:09:14 +0200
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On Wednesday 18 May 2016 08:08:54 Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On May 18, 2016, at 3:21 AM, Tim Ruehsen wrote:
> > This HFS+ issue should be easy to fix, but without an environment to test
> > it, my motivation to spent my precious spare-time on that is pretty low.
> > 
> > Ryan, how much trouble do you really have when using wget outside the test
> > suite ? (International) Files should be saved correct.
> > It is just the test suite that re-reads the (decomposed) filenames from
> > disk (using opendir/readdir) and compares them byte-by-byte with the
> > precomposed strings. Of course that fails. IMO, normal wget operation
> > does not do these kind of comparisons, so everything should be fine.
> I'm not aware of any problems related to this issue when actually using
> wget. I merely ran the test suite, noticed it failed, searched to see if
> that failure was known, and was thus reminded that I had reported the
> failure years ago, and my report appeared to have gotten lost or forgotten,
> so I was bringing it back to the developers' attention again. A test suite
> should verify the software functions properly. If a test suite fails, one
> is left to wonder if the problem is in the software being tested or in the
> test suite itself. Fixing the test suite would eliminate that uncertainty.

It's a bug and should be fixed, no doubt.

But remember, Wget is a community project. You are part of this community.
And you obviously have a OSX test environment... something that I don't have.


P.S.: What bug number is it, just found #27541 which is not OSX specific.

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