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Re: [Bug-wget] 'Reading HSTS entries from' bug

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Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] 'Reading HSTS entries from' bug
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 15:25:34 +0300
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i mean that wget should not display statements to the user that are not true, nor it should compute anything that is useless for the user.

On 23/06/2016 12:15 πμ, Ander Juaristi wrote:
I cannot reproduce it after the patch was merged upstream. The 'saving
HSTS entries' text only appears when the HSTS file is updated.

I do see, however, that it still says 'Reading HSTS entries from...' in
the beginning, even for non-HSTS hosts, and FTP. Is this what you mean?

The HSTS entries are read in the beginning, long before the URI is
actually parsed. The only solution I can come across is to check if the
scheme is FTP or FTPS, and not load the HSTS at all if affirmative. I
forward to the list for discussion because I don't know if it's worth
the effort.

Best regards,
- AJ

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