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[Bug-wget] [GSoC 2017] Design and implementation of statistics module

From: Avinash Sonawane
Subject: [Bug-wget] [GSoC 2017] Design and implementation of statistics module
Date: Sun, 14 May 2017 18:32:10 +0530

Hello all!

I have been working on Wget2 for couple of weeks now and had submitted
the proposal to design and implement a statistics module for Wget2[0].

I'm very delighted to share this with you that the proposal has been
accepted and I have been selected for the GSoC 2017!

I would like to thank the Wget community for being supportive this
whole time. Thank you all!

I would like to explicitly thank Ander Juristi for helping me out when
I got stuck. I would also like to thank Darshit Shah for code reviews,
for making me conform my code to the coding style and for patiently
pointing out silly mistakes ;). I would like to thank Tim for guiding
me at each and every step of development starting from setting up an
editor (yes, literally!) to rebasing a branch, writing tests etc.
Thank you so much!

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate fellow
students Didik Setiawan and Akash Rawal for making it to GSoC 2017.
Congratulations guys!

Meanwhile, I have provided the link to proposal. Please feel free to
suggest/comment. All contributions are highly welcomed!

Starting from 17th, I'll be busy with university exams till 24th May.
So I'll join you guys after 24th.

Looking forward to an awesome summer to code away!


Avinash Sonawane (rootKea)
PICT, Pune

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