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[Bug-wget] Bugs/New features

From: Glacial Man
Subject: [Bug-wget] Bugs/New features
Date: Sat, 27 May 2017 15:14:14 +0000


I'm trying to use wget, on Windows, but some things are not clear for me. I 
can't call them bugs, I'm not so experienced, probably the correct definition 
is "new features". This is the problem, I'm trying to refine the following 
command (I've used uTorrent.exe's download link because it's a small file and I 
can make quick and complete tests):

wget --referer="https://www.google.com"; --read-timeout=15 --tries=3 
--no-check-certificate --timestamping
--no-if-modified-since --ignore-length 

I can use an alternative official download link (all the rest remains 

wget --referer="https://www.google.com"; --read-timeout=15 --tries=3 
--no-check-certificate --timestamping
--no-if-modified-since --ignore-length 

My need is to update the local file (uTorrent.exe) when a new version is 
available on the official website. It works but:

1) The name of the downloaded file is "windows." (or "stable."), probably 
because are not available static links but server requests only. How can I 
indicate to wget (used with --timestamping option) that the local file name's 
must be "uTorrent.exe"? (as if I download it using a browser)
Pratically, how can I indicate to wget (used with --timestamping option) the 
path of the local file?
2) The exit codes are very important. 0 (zero) means "no problems occurred", so 
wget exit code is 0 in the following cases:
     - 0a) downloaded (when the local file was not available)
     - 0b) updated (when the remote file's timestamp is newer than the local 
file's timestamp)
     - 0c) already up to date, download not needed (when the timestamp is the 
same for local file and remote file)
    when I use the --timestamping option, I need to manage the different cases 
to know what's occurred and, for example, to write in a log file
3) The same for the --spider option, I need to know if the file is:
     - downloadable (local file not available)
     - updatable (different timestamp)
     - already up to date (same timestamp)

Thanks for wget and for your help.

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