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[Bug-wget] Fedora 26 server - wget - p11-kit/OpenSC - pcsc-lite/pcscd -

From: Ted Lyngmo
Subject: [Bug-wget] Fedora 26 server - wget - p11-kit/OpenSC - pcsc-lite/pcscd - polkit
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2017 08:36:43 +0200
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wget        1.19.1-3.fc26
p11-kit     0.23.9-2.fc26
opensc      0.17.0-1.fc26
pcsc-lite   1.8.22-1.fc26
polkit      0.113-8.fc26

Whenever a user is using wget to fetch a webpage via https, I'll get messages like this in /var/log/messages:

2017-09-21T10:54:35+02:00 ninja pcscd[2721]: 03445385 auth.c:137:IsClientAuthorized() Process 48952 (user: 48) is NOT authorized for action: access_pcsc 2017-09-21T10:54:35+02:00 ninja pcscd[2721]: 00000279 winscard_svc.c:335:ContextThread() Rejected unauthorized PC/SC client

This started after upgrading to F26 (or possibly F25 which was installed for a few days). I have no idea why wget (via one of the libraries involved) would try to access the smart card reader without the user telling it to. Even though it fails getting access to a reader (which I've currently got none), the https pages are received just fine.

curl works without triggering these kinds of messages.

I'm not sure if it's actually wget's fault or if it's one of the libs it's using that's to blame.

Fedora forum:

Discussion with pcsc's creator who helped me narrowing the problem down a bit:

Denied bug report in polkit:


Ps. I added two polkit rules to grant everyone smart card access to stop the log messages, but can't keep it like that if I decide to connect a smart card reader.

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