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[Bug-wget] wget 1.19.4 - possible double free in url.c

From: Volkmar Klatt
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget 1.19.4 - possible double free in url.c
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2018 14:01:33 +0000

Dear wget maintainer,

1) in wget 1.19.4 (and probably earlier)
please check carefully

static char * convert_fname (char *fname)

I run a OpenBSD machine, x86, ABI=32
and I guess there's a double free when using iconv,
see patch attached.

With this change, all my non-skipped tests pass,
whereas with original url.c most tests fail with core dump:

wget(24305) in free(): error: bogus pointer (double free?)

#0  0x1c187cb1 in kill () at <stdin>:2
#1  0x1c1b5ab6 in raise (s=6) at
#2  0x1c1b5a00 in abort () at
#3  0x1c1967f7 in wrterror (msg=0x3c119b56 "bogus pointer
(double free?)", p=0xffffffff)
    at /usr/src/lib/libc/stdlib/malloc.c:281
#4  0x1c197d09 in free (ptr=0xffffffff) at
#5  0x1c06d54d in libiconv_close ()
#6  0x1c032334 in url_file_name ()
#7  0x1c01facf in http_loop ()
#8  0x1c02dd7e in retrieve_url ()
#9  0x1c027068 in main ()

2) The documentation might mention that
strict firewall settings may also hinder the tests,
e.g. when traffic from/to is blocked.

Solution: Isolate the machine (no net)
and temporalily disable the firewall, then 'make test'

Volkmar Klatt

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