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[Bug-wget] Planning update to wget. Should I upstream it?

From: Richard Thomas
Subject: [Bug-wget] Planning update to wget. Should I upstream it?
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2018 13:21:36 -0500
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Hi, hope this is the correct way to do this.

I want to be able to download a webpage and all its prerequisites and turn it into a multipart/related single file. Now, this requires identifying and changing URLs which, as most members of this list are no-doubt aware is a thorny problem. Fortunately, wget already does this as part of its -p and -k options. Unfortunately, though it's amazingly useful, it's difficult to use the output for what I want.

So I am planning on adding a way to implement this functionality directly into wget. Either I'll rewrite the links and filenames so that it's easy to piece together a multipart/related file from what is spit out or I'll have wget generate the multipart/related file itself (probably the latter or maybe both).

I was just wondering if I should bother trying to feed this back into the project if there's any interest. Also, any suggestions on ways I can make this as useful as possible are welcome.


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