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[Ccrtp-devel] Proof-of-concept RTP softphone now working on OpenBSD 3.9

From: Michael Grigoni
Subject: [Ccrtp-devel] Proof-of-concept RTP softphone now working on OpenBSD 3.9
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2006 19:43:17 -0500
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(A previous attempt to post this message failed, please
 forgive me for a duplicate if it appears)

Greetings Federico and developers:

As per previous posts, I have been working on
pthreads issues  on OpenBSD 3.9. I had previously
reported that commoncpp2 passed all of its tests. In
order to compile it on OpenBSD, I needed to patch
the configure script to recognize many headers and libs
(I didn't fix it in autoconf...) and later I noticed
that configure had failed to find pthread_suspend
(which we have as pthread_suspend_np) and also atomic.h
and atomicity.h headers.  I patched the generated
include/config.h and include/cc++/config.h, rebuilt
the package and retested.  Once again it passed all
of its tests and most of the demos and things seemed
a bit 'snappier'.  I rebuilt ccrtp and twinkle;
twinkle was not fixed; it still has all of the issues
I previously reported.

However, I felt that with the improvements in commoncpp2
I could verify that an RTP softphone is possible on OpenBSD
based on ccrtp. I have a working full-duplex proof-of-concept
softphone which works with 'speakfreely', based on the demo
programs 'audiotx' and 'audiorx' with some minor changes.
I ran the phone with 8000bps 8bit LE slinear audio for
several hours connected to a speakfreely client on a Win2k
machine; latency is essentially zero from speakfreely to
the phone and about two seconds from the phone to speakfreely
(due to processing delays in 'sox'), but the audio is clear
and uninterrupted in both directions. Performance was
constant under varying system loads. CPU usage was about
1% for the talker and listener combined and about 6%
for sox.

If this says anything about threads on OpenBSD,
I invite comment.

I put the source files and shell script in a tarball at:

Please keep in mind that this was a very quick hack; I did
not add any command-line parsing for destination ip, audio
parameters or anything else.

I will appreciate everyone's help to get twinkle working.



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