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Re: [Ccrtp-devel] Problems building ccRTP lib and demo programs

From: Werner Dittmann
Subject: Re: [Ccrtp-devel] Problems building ccRTP lib and demo programs
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 21:55:05 +0200
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thanks for the info - the macro was indeed in the location you mentioned.
Maybe it wasn't copied over to ccrtp/m4 because I installed GNU Common C++
_after_ I did the first reconfig run. It seems that any later run of
reconfig does not automatically copy new macros. However, the whole
stuff compiles very smooth now.

I can start with the real work (testing) :-) .


David Sugar wrote:
> That macro is normally installed by installing GNU Common C++, in
> {prefix}/share/aclocal, and is under the name ost_check2.m4.  Yes, it
> does fill in the link libraries :).  I have been slowly migrating things
> to use pkg_config, but ccrtp has not been migrated for that yet.  Maybe
> the suse package provided doesn't install ost_check2.m4?!
> Werner Dittmann wrote:
>> All,
>> I did an CVS checkout of ccRTP and did some changes to bring in SRTP.
>> Running "reconfig" and ./configure complaint about the m4 macro
>> "OST_CCXX2_VERSION([$REQUIRES])". I checked the m4 subdirectory
>> of ccrtp and grep'ed CCXX - no such thing found. Where is this fine
>> m4 macro located?
>> I did a manual setup of the commoncpp path /usr/include/cc++2 (I'm running a
>> SUSE 10.1 and have commoncpp2-1.3.21-11 and commoncpp2-devel-1.3.21-11
>> installed).
>> After I was able to compile the ccrtp/src I figured that the top
>> level Makefile misses the "demo" subdirectory as target. I added
>> this in as well.
>> When trying to build ccrtptest I got quite some complaints about
>> missing references - probably the commoncpp (libccgnu2 ?) lib wasn't
>> in the link path. Is this also related to the above mentioned
>> OST_CXX2* m4 macro problem?
>> Can someone shed some light on the overall build process of ccRTP
>> and if it is stable when getting the stuff from CVS?
>> Regards,
>> Werner
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