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ccRTP is blocking freedom for Twinkle softphone

From: Rick van Rein
Subject: ccRTP is blocking freedom for Twinkle softphone
Date: Thu, 26 May 2022 13:20:35 +0000
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Can I please invite you to this online discussion?

It explains why IPv6 support in SIP is a great benefit for online
freedom, and that the current maintainers get stuck because ccRTP
has issues with it, and appears to be beyond maintenance.

Is it an idea to bring the project up to speed with IPv6, so the
Twinke programmers can update their wonderful softphone and allow
better online freedom to its users?

I have been wanting to see SIP move to IPv6 to add cryptographic
idea into it for >10 years but all this time issues like these
have been holding back progress.  Can you please make ccRTP work
over IPv6?  [Alternatively, it might help to explicitly abandon
the software and let everyone know to move elsewhere, that gives
clarity but is not the most desired outcome for anyone.]

FYI, I am not being lazy; but this is five layers or so down from
security applications, diving that deep causes one to drown in
details and loose sight of the overall structures.  I do my share
of open source coding, just not on RTP.  I did make transition
tools, like
and am making a [home] domain hosting setup for SIP telephony,


Rick van Rein
OpenFortress Digital signatures

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