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[Cfengine-develop] Kind of a bug, maybe

From: Luke A. Kanies
Subject: [Cfengine-develop] Kind of a bug, maybe
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 23:14:44 -0500 (CDT)

Hi Mark,

I kind of found a bug in cfengine today. Well, I know I found one and I kind of found another.

First, the known bug:

Cfengine should probably never move a file that already ends in '.cfsaved' to <filename>.cfsaved. I've had multiple occasions where I've had files named something like file.cfsaved.cfsaved.cfsaved, and it can be quite disastrous sometimes. If you don't know of a simple way to fix this, I can probably provide a patch.

Now to the kind-of bug:

Run the following shell script:


mkdir $bd

mkdir -p $bd/orig/a
touch $bd/orig/a/b
mkdir $bd/new
ln -s $bd/orig/a $bd/new

You now have a simple directory structure in /tmp. Now run the following simple cfengine script (I highly recommend -v):

    actionsequence = ( links )
    bd = ( /tmp/cftest )

    ${bd}/new +>! ${bd}/orig r=inf


You now have a very destroyed directory.  This error is the first clue:

cfengine:: Moving /tmp/cftest/new/a/b to /tmp/cftest/new/a/b.cfsaved
cfengine:: INFO: /tmp/cftest/new/a is a symbolic link, not a true directory!
cfengine:: Linking files /tmp/cftest/new/a/b -> /tmp/cftest/orig/a/b

From there, you get a lot of badness. The whole problem is because of the
link done in the shell script, cfengine is actually linking from a file directly back to itself, just with a different filename, because /tmp/cftest/orig/a/b is the exact same file as /tmp/cftest/new/a/b.

I call this "kind of a bug" because I don't know the best solution. My initial reaction is that cfengine should get rid of the soft link, create a directory, and go on its merry way. That quite possibly is a very bad thing, though.

It seems like the best response is just make sure that a file is never linked to itself; if the file you're linking to exists then stat it to make sure it is not the same file.

And, of course, this is a very handy demonstration of the chaos that results from saving files that have already been saved via cfengine:

cfengine:: Can't rename /tmp/cftest/new/a/b_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved to /tmp/cftest/new/a/b_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved_1093061372_Fri_Aug_20_23_09_32_2004_.cfsaved
cfengine:: rename: File name too long

I don't really know what the resolution is, but someone needs to be done; this quite destroyed my (fortunately small) network, and if I had shipped this file off to my clients before this happened to me... I shudder quite a bit.

What do you think?


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