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From: Siegfried Kelley
Subject: [Cfgstoragemk-dev] recent
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 23:34:53 -0700
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If you can't find poblanos at your grocery store, check out a local Mexican market or farmers market. Sauteing in butter or oil can overpower delicate flavors.
But that doesn't mean you're faced with a steady diet of carrot sticks and cottage cheese. But, like other baby spring vegetables, they're fragile and must be cooked with respect. Great for parties, but easy enough for weeknights.
This supper club classic is definitely back in style - and simple to make in your own kitchen.
This roast is mild and tender.
Later, British colonists, who settled in Virginia, raised them for profit in and around Smithfield. Pilaf-style rice and pasta is sauteed in oil before any liquid is added. It's delicately seasoned with mild aromatics.
This makes it a "no-brainer" for stuffing with colorful vegetables. But its flaky, buttery qualities are great in this strudel of scrambled eggs, ham, and hash browns.
So, I make sauteed apples. This one is guaranteed to spark up a picnic!
Because it's thin, it's great for layering with several ingredients. The only garnish needed is more whipped cream and toasted coconut. Its spiciness is due to a substantial amount of ginger. Sauteing in butter or oil can overpower delicate flavors. There's only one way to top this nugget of nourishment and that's to grill it for over-the-top flavor.
It was named for the stage play, "Green Goddess", showing in town at the time, and was served to the play's star, George Arliss.
Looking for a healthy springtime lunch with great flavor? But this recipe can change that.
But if you like it, you owe it to yourself to try this tasty dip.
This special, easy-to-serve breakfast is just perfect for this busy time of year.
It's a natural dish to turn into a soup simply by adding a little extra chicken broth. But that doesn't mean they can't take on a little extra character.
This roast is mild and tender.
Even some whipped cream won't throw things off too much!
Boiling leaches nutrients and flavor out of the vegetables and into the water.

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