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[Chicken-hackers] searching the wiki docs

From: Brandon J. Van Every
Subject: [Chicken-hackers] searching the wiki docs
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 22:33:55 -0800
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When I put "require-extensions" into the Chicken wiki Search box, I get a page that says "xsvnwiki-search" in bold letters and nothing else. In fact, I get this if I search for "Chicken." I conclude that the wiki currently lacks a search capability. If this is the standard method by which people access the up-to-date docs, this is a problem. There does not appear to be a method of generating current, off-line documentation in a searchable file format. Aside from the desireability of an off-line format itself, i.e. people have laptops, network connections get interrupted, networks go down, not everybody is on broadband.

Brandon Van Every

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