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Re: [Chicken-hackers] Big Chicken?

From: Christian Kellermann
Subject: Re: [Chicken-hackers] Big Chicken?
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2015 09:41:54 +0100
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Daniel Leslie <address@hidden> writes:

> I've been working on improving editor support for Chicken lately. With the
> (laudable) efforts to remove units from core underway it struck me that
> there may be opportunity for improvement in the other direction.
> While reducing Chicken core to its essential components is desirable I
> would like to think that the Chicken distribution, which contains more than
> core, would be somewhat of a 'batteries included' package. At least insofar
> as what is common to package with language distributions these days. IE, a
> powerful debugger, a utility to fetch documentation, and a powerful set of
> tools to explore the language within the REPL.
> With that in mind, and acknowledging that perhaps it's a little
> self-serving, I would like to propose that the following Eggs be shipped
> within the standard Chicken distribution:
>    - apropos
>    - chicken-doc
>    - trace
> Any thoughts? Or is this out of the question?

There is already an egg called big-chicken, which is basically a meta
package that grabs a whole lot of eggs and reexports them when you say
(use bigchicken). Maybe this already does scratch the itch you have if
we amend that. And I doubt anyone would object to that.

Adding these things to core make it more difficult for us to get rid of
them or replace them with better parts later on. We already are very
conservative when it comes to deprecating things and adding more that's
not based on a technical decision just increases our maintenance burden
I think.

So, while I think the proposal is legitimate the core is not the right
place. After all doing a chicken-install bigchicken after installing
chicken does give you the same benefit. If you want you can prepackage
those eggs in a chicken installer for your users. I think the IUP
windows installer does something like this already.

Kind regards,


May you be peaceful, may you live in safety, may you be free from
suffering, and may you live with ease.

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