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Re: [Chicken-hackers] A simple debugger

From: felix . winkelmann
Subject: Re: [Chicken-hackers] A simple debugger
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2015 11:27:28 +0100

> - distribution/manifest needs to be updated with the new source files
>     so that pregenerated source tarballs will include the debugger.
> - The "what gets installed" section in the README should mention
>     bin/feathers(.bat) and share/chicken/feathers.tcl
> - The NEWS file should probably mention the big new feature that
>     there's now a debugger!
> - A manpage for feathers.  Not sure if that's absolutely required,
>    considering how minimal our manpages are.  But for completeness, so
>    someone can get some info about where this strange new "feathers"
>    executable in their path comes from :)

See attached new revision of patch(es).

> Firstly, it would be nice if the debugger would state what port it's
> listening on, so that you can know what to use in CHICKEN_DEBUGGER.

That is shown in the manual (and the manpage, now). Normally you wouldn't
set it yourself anyway, as "feathers" sets the variable when running a program.

> I also found the behaviour a bit strange how it locates source files, but I
> only tried it briefly so maybe that just takes some getting used to.
> The way the debugger creates windows doesn't seem to play very well with my
> tiling window manager "i3" (I keep looking for more space where to put the
> new windows), but this also may be a matter of getting used to it.

Windows are not opened with any default size or position. If automatic placement
of new windows is not satisfying, then you might want to use another window 
Also there are only two windows created (data- and C view), which does not 
automatically, but are opened explicitly by the user.

> Also, this adds a new dependency to CHICKEN: tcl/tk+wish.  I don't mind
> it much because it's an optional dependency, but maybe we can make the
> installation of this script into bin (adding it to $PATH) optional to
> make the life of packagers easier?  Finally, the "wish" command should
> probably be a variable so that packagers can control which version and
> the full path of wish to use without having to patch the build system.
> I think just "wish" is a fine default of this variable, though.

wish is started via "feathers"/"feathers.bat" and a package maintainer can 
patch "" and "", which do nothing else but select the
appropriate executable. Or are you talking about an environment variable?


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