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Re: [Circe-help] Auto-Identification only works for freenode (was: Auto-

From: Matthew Backes
Subject: Re: [Circe-help] Auto-Identification only works for freenode (was: Auto-Identification works only for the first server)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 10:09:23 -0800

Unfortunately, auto-identification only works on freenode. On oftc and
double0 I have to identify manually although it's the same command
(/msg NickServ IDENTIFY ***).

It has nothing to do with the order of the items in
circe-nickserv-passwords. Auto-Identify only works for freenode, even if
I shuffle the items.

Any clue?

Different services daemons and networks are compatible with different commands and ways of accessing nickserv. Consider /sidentify / identify and /msg nickserv; those aren't all equivalent on all networks.

But no, I haven't seen the current setup work anywhere other than freenode either.

Matthew Backes

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