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[circle] eLearning and Circle

From: Matt Hubbard
Subject: [circle] eLearning and Circle
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 14:38:42 -0500
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The vocational education system in the state of Oklahoma (US) is considering a 
p2p eLearning development project.  Here are our thoughts:

1. Pure python - we're big fans
2. Kademlia
3. Twisted
4. Firewall friendly
5. DRM integrated
6. Privacy oriented (There are US laws that make this necessary)
  6a. User identity protected
  6b. Strong encryption for content and transmissions (AES?)
7. Integrates with, but does not require, large institutional repositories of 
8. Integrates with, but does not require, institutional student management 
8. Metadata syndication, discovery, and search (IEEE LOM, MARC, METS, etc.)
9. Circle-integrated SCORM player supporting SCORM 2004
10. Circle-integrated test delivery via IMS QTI standards - feedback engine 
reports to optional LMS system somewhere on the Internet/LAN

Any thoughts?

Matt Hubbard

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