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classpath ./BUGS ./ChangeLog ./HACKING ./INSTAL...

From: Brian Jones
Subject: classpath ./BUGS ./ChangeLog ./HACKING ./INSTAL...
Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 00:44:28 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/classpath
Module name:    classpath
Changes by:     Brian Jones <address@hidden>    02/05/06 00:44:28

Modified files:
        .              : BUGS ChangeLog HACKING INSTALL NEWS README 
                         THANKYOU TODO 
        doc/ home.wml 
        doc/ announcements.wml 
        doc/ macros.wml 
        java/awt       : 
        java/net       : 
        java/util      : 
        java/util/zip  : 
        javax/swing    : 
        native         : 
        native/jni     : 
Added files:
        java/util/regex: .cvsignore 

Log message:
        * doc/ Announcements section removed; we use
        the News section of Savannah instead.  Old announcements linked
        under documentation.
        Status information will be transitioning to Savannah Tasks system.
        Clarified affect of Classpath license upon JVM license.
        Added project menu bar from Savannah to top of web page.
        Removed mailing list information on this page, it is more detailed
        on the Lists link at the top of the page.
        Last modified author update
        * doc/ last modified author
        * doc/ (header): Moved title to
        the right of droplet and enlarged text.
        Updated copyright date.
        * BUGS: update URL for submitting bugs
        * HACKING: update date; clarify via punctuation modification of
        vm/reference classes.
        * added --enable-gtk-peer from Carlos Cavanna
        Updated version to 0.04; configure java/util/logging, java/util/regex
        * native/ SUBDIRS typo fixed
        * native/jni/ SUBDIRS conditionally defined based on
        * INSTALL: update with mention of --enable-gtk-peer, typo fixed
        * NEWS: updated for 0.04 release
        * README: updated with AegisVM, note failure to run with ORP 1.0.9
        * TODO: removed duplicate information on where packages currently
        stand, too hard to keep up to date in multiple places.
        * THANKYOU: add Carlos Cavanna
        * java/util/logging/ new file
        * java/util/regex/ new file
        * java/util/regex/.cvsignore: new file
        * gnu/java/awt/peer/gtk/ EXTRA_DIST updated
        * gnu/java/locale/ ditto
        * java/awt/ ditto
        * java/net/ ditto
        * java/util/ ditto
        * java/util/zip/ ditto
        * javax/accessibility/ ditto
        * javax/swing/ ditto
        * javax/swing/plaf/ ditto
        * javax/swing/table/ ditto


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