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[ 100979 ] post class files

From: nobody
Subject: [ 100979 ] post class files
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 06:22:41 -0400

Support Request #100979, was updated on 2002-Jun-03 19:33
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Category: None
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Summary: post class files

By: cbj
Date: 2002-Jun-04 06:22

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Yes, these were omitted from the release.  Unfortunately I
cannot just add to the lib directory due to how
the install process decides to install that file or just
copy the class directories and files to the install
location.  I can probably add those directories and classes
however.  It would be less confusing to add this to a follow
on release.


By: temp8
Date: 2002-Jun-03 19:33

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Are the compiled class files for the current release 
posted anywhere?  Can they be?

If they are really Java they should be portable to any 
host, and I don't need any of the native 
implementations, so being able to grab the class files 
would simplify life.

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